Product Description

1. Funds awarded under the program must be paid directly to the accredited educational institution.

2. The accredited educational institution shall be responsible for the selection and screening of scholars.

3. At any given time, there will be one (1) scholar coming from each district every two years.

4. The scholarship assistance shall be limited to expenses for tuition fee and other miscellaneous fees, uniform and books but not to exceed eighteen thousand (P18,000) per scholar per semester. Provided however, that nothing in this policy shall prevent the cooperative from partnering with willing and generous schools in achieving this noble objective.

5. Whatever remains of the P18,000.00 allocation, after deducting tuition and miscellaneous fees, it shall be given to the scholar by way of allowance.

6. The scholar shall be required to render cooperative services of at least 32 hours in a month, for which he/ she shall be given meal and transportation of P100 per day but not to exceed P400.00 in a month.

7. The scholarship program covers business related and social work courses not exceeding five (5) years.

8. The scholar must maintain a general weighted average of at least 2.0 in a given semester, provided further that he/she has no grade lower than 2.50 and failing grade in any major subject. Should the scholar fail to meet the said grades, the scholarship benefit shall be reduced by 20%. The scholar will again enjoy the full amount once he/she meets the required grades. Provided, however, that this provision shall not apply in case of fortuitous events or extraordinary circumstances affecting the student’s performance in school, subject to proof.

9. Under loading or over loading of subjects shall not be allowed; otherwise, the scholar shall shoulder the corresponding costs.

10. A scholar may not be allowed to transfer to another school.

11. The scholarship grant awarded to a scholar is non-transferable.

12. The PARTNER SCHOOL shall recommend for approval of the GRANTOR, possible candidates for the scholarship program and shall provide the necessary coaching and mentoring to the scholars.

13. The scholarship grant shall be automatically terminated on the following conditions, however, termination shall not mean reimbursement of benefits already given to the Scholar:

a. Garnering a weighted average grade lower than 2.0 or grade of 3.0 in any of his major subjects;
b. Permanent Disability that may hinder his/ her studies;
c. Death;
d. Acts of immorality or juvenile delinquency; and
e. Such other acts or circumstances analogous to the foregoing.


1. A high school graduate from a public school;

2. Belongs to the top 20 of the graduating class;

3. Aged 16 to 21 years old’

4. Annual family income should be lesser or equal to the prevailing minimum wage as of the given time;

5. A permanent resident of any town within the defined area of operations of SMTCDC;

6. Must not be a recipient of any government or private scholarship grants;

7. Satisfactory performance in the qualifying exams and interview; and

8. Must not be related to SMTCDC or Partner School management staff and incumbent officers up to the second degree of affinity and consanguinity.