Back to Back Loan

Back to Back Loan

Product Description

To provide a loan package that is more competitive and responsive to the needs of the members.



  • Collateral / Security
    • Back-To-Back Loan may be secured by:
      • Time Deposits,
      • Unencumbered Savings Deposit, or
      • Share Capital
  • Loanable Value
    • The maximum loanable amount under this type of loan is as follows:
      • Up to 90% of Time Deposits;
      • Up to 90% of unencumbered savings deposit; or
      • Up to 90% of share capital deposit after deducting the minimum required deposit of P2,000.00
      • No other character loan will be available to the member who used his/her share capital as collateral for this loan, unless he/she is willing to put up cash deposit as additional collateral deposit.
  • Terms and Manner of Payment
    • Amortized monthly, in which case:
      • Interest computation is based on diminishing balance
      • Maximum term is 60 months without extension subject to the following loan brackets.



Php 8,999.00 and below

12 months

Php 9,000.00 to P24,999.00

18 months

Php 25,000.00 to P29,999.00

24 months

Php 30,000.00 to P49,999.00

30 months

Php 50,000.00 to 300,000.00

36 months

Php 300,001.00 to P1,000,000.00

48 months

Php 1,000,001.00 and above

60 months