Entrepuhunan Loan

Entrepuhunan Loan

Product Description

Entrepuhunan Loan is a loan product intended to be used as a starting and/or working capital for members’ micro and small business.

  1. Entrepuhunan Loan can be refinanced subject to the policy on refinancing.
  2. This type of loan is entitled to patronage refund.
  3. The term is based on the following loan brackets:

Loan Ceiling : Minimum of P10,000 ; maximum of P300,000

Maximum Term : 36 months

Mode of Payment : 

          a. Pay the principal and interest monthly

          b. Pay interest monthly for the first year and pay principal and interest monthly on second year onwards.

Receipients : 

          Member-borrowers who maintain the required share capital deposit, willing to open a Power Savings Account and those who are engaged in businesses.

Documentary Requirements

1. Additional capital for an existing business

1.1 Barangay or Mayor’s Business Permit/License for the current year or DTI or SEC business registration certificate whichever is applicable
1.2 Latest Income Tax Returns or other proof of income related to type of business engaged in

2. For start-up capital

2.1 Barangay or Mayor’s Permit and a simple business plan
2.2 Proof of existing source of income other than the proposed business

3. If loan applied is above P100,000:

2.1 Full disclosure of assets and liabilities as well as income and expenses on the “Personal na Impormasyon Mula sa Kasapi”
2.2 Contracts with customers/exporters or any proof of existence of customer/supplier relationship such as invoices, delivery receipts, etc.

2.3 List of trade references (contact persons, addresses, tel. no. of at least 3 suppliers and customers)

4. Any government-issued identification (SSS, GSIS, Driver’s license, voter’s id, postal, and others)