Coop Aksi Plan

Coop Aksi Plan

18 - 69 years old

Product Description

An individual accident protection plan specially designed for the members of the cooperative and their family members.  A practical means that offers financial relief to the insured and his beneficiaries in case of accident resulting to death, disability, dismemberment of body parts, or hospitalization, or even in case of murder & unprovoked assault.  CAP also helps the Cooperative provide its members and their family members another means to prepare for uncertainties.


Plan 1 (P100.00)Plan 2 (P185.00)Plan 3 (P330.00)

Accidental death and dismemberment of body parts

P20,000.00 P50,000.00P100,000.00
Murder or unprovoked assaultP10,000.00 P20,000.00 P50,000.00

Medical expense reimbursement due to accident

P2,000.00 P5,000.00P10,000.00

Hospital income rider due to accident

P100.00 per dayP200.00 per dayP300.00 per day