1 Coop Health

1 Coop Health

Product Description

The Cooperative Health Care Management Federation (CHMF) is a national cooperative federation which addresses the needs for heath care related services of its fellow cooperatives, federation and non- stock organization with cooperative-related programs and services. It is the first duly licensed cooperative health care management federation of the Philippines regulated by the Department of Health (DOH) and Cooperative  Authority (CDA).


P 4,340 for ages 18 to 65 years old
P 8,480 for ages 66 to 70 years old
P 12,620 for ages 71 to 75 years old

  1. Preventive
    Annual Physical Examination:
    • Chest X-ray
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Urine Test
    • Stool Test
    • Physical Examination

  2. Out-Patient Consultation
    • Free consultation to our accredited clinics
    • Php 10,000 annual coverage for laboratories examination (no intensive laboratory for out patient eg; MRI, CT Scan)
    • Follow-up check up
    • Necessary medicine used inside the clinic
  3. Emergency Treatment
    • Php 30,000 Annual Coverage
    • 24/7 Coverage to all emergency cases
    • National Coverage
    • All  medicolegal cases ( reimbursement only) IE. Vehicular Accident, mauling gunshot wound, etc
    • First close of anti rabies and anti–venom
  4. In Patient or Confinement
    • Php 30,000 single confinement
    • Pnp 60,000 maximum benefit limit / illness
      • Year (Note: All avail amount deductable to MBL)
    • Net of Philhealth
    • Doctors fee, room accommodation, medicines, laboratories and other diagnostic test deemed necessary
    • Nationwide coverage to all emergency confinement

  5. Dental Coverage
    • Simple Tooth extraction
    • Consultation to dentist
    • Temporary Pasta
    • Annual Prophylaxis
  6. Financial Assistance
    Death Benefits
    • Natural Death - P10,000
    • Accidental Death - P20,000