Own A Car Loan

Own a Car Loan

Product Description

Own-A-Car Loan is intended to finance purchase of brand new vehicles:

Loan Ceiling : 80% of the cost of brand new vehicle but not to exceed P2,000,000.00
Maximum Term : 60 months
Mode of Payment : monthly, semi - monthly
Receipients : Members with stable source of income whose borrowers’ classification fall under A, B, or C+ status, maintaining the require share capital and willing to open Power Savings account.

Documentary Requirements

1. Proof of Ownership of Residence or other property if renting an apartment or living with parents for not less than five (5) years within the area of operation

2. The established residence of the applicant must have a provision for garage

3. Quotation form the car/vehicle dealer

4. Proof of income such as employment certification, business permit, invoices, bank statements, proof of billing, etc., whichever is applicable based on nature of work

5. Valid ID and TIN